The Indigenous Justice Association (IJA) was created in 2019 to share and promote the critical work of long-established Indigenous community justice programs throughout BC.  Our goal is to grow our representative voice to speak directly to government and partner bodies who share our vision of delivering community justice programs for Indigenous people at risk of becoming, or who have already come into contact with the justice system.

Board of Directors

The board is comprised of representatives from six regions: Vancouver Island, South West, South East and Central BC, North West and North Eastern BC. Each term runs for two years, and those who were on the working group will have one year on the elected board.

Following the term, the regions will hold nominations again for a new board member to represent that region.    

  • Anna Tonasket- President 

  • Faith Tait- Vice President

  • Molly Willie- Secretary

  • Alicia Peters- Treasurer

  • Karla Olinek- Director

  • – Director 

meet the board
meet the board


Our partners include:

  • Federal, provincial and municipal governments

  • RCMP

  • Community Corrections

  • Crown Counsel

  • Indigenous Court-workers

  • Schools

  • Many others

IJA Gallery


We would like to acknowledge the initial working group who had the drive, passion and focus to get the Association off the ground:

  • Tracy Downey

  • Genesis Hunt-Higginson

  • Bruce Manuel

  • Taya Rankin

  • Terri Wells

  • Chris Tyler

  • Alicia Peters

  • Vanessa Ramsdale

We acknowledge that the development of the Indigenous Justice Association would not have been possible without the support of the Federal and Provincial Governments. The IJA is grateful for the Federal and Provincial Government’s past, current, and future support.

We would also like to thank the Stó:lō Nation, Qwí:qwelstóm Justice Program for providing the space and the elders during our initial meetings.